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Reisch – 69 years of service in transport technology

Reisch Fahrzeugbau - Agrarfahrzeuge und Nutzfahrzeuge für die Landwirtschaft und BauarbeitenOur passion for vehicle build for the agricultural and construction industry dates back to 1951 when our company was founded and these many years of experience are a guarantee for the quality of our products. Our attitude to succeed, and the fact we enjoy what we do, is shared by our employees who we have been working with us for decades in Hollenbach and Eliasbrunn to produce quality vehicles for the agricultural and commercial vehicle industries. 155.000 vehicles are produced by Reisch on an area of over 200.000 m2, including 40.000 m2 hall space. From there they are then handed over to our partners.

Together with our customers we have developed our products to a standard, which makes us one of the leaders in the field. You can recognise Reisch’s vehicles from their appearance but above all by the quality and the practical solutions implemented into the vehicles for daily use. Our many years of experience in vehicle construction serve as a basis for our knowledge and as a drive to constantly develop our products further.

Expertise from a single source is not only a slogan but also the commitment to implement our goals to the best of our ability. For this reason all of Reisch’s vehicles are produced in house, which means in our own factories in Hollenbach and Eliasbrunn. The key issue is to use the resulting synergies in development, production and purchasing to improve both vehicle divisions. Through the ever-increasing speed needed, total weight and distances to be covered, technology and components in the commercial vehicle sector are also becoming more and more important in agriculture. We have our own construction team in combination with modern manufacturing technologies to enable us to keep up with the continually increasing requirements in the field of transport logistics. In our production facilities we have state of the art welding robots, CNC controlled press brakes as well as laser- and plasma cutting units. At Reisch we pay special attention to surface finish. In a multi-stage process components of the vehicle parts are sandblasted and finally undergo a dipping process. After that, all parts undergo a high-quality two-component paint job. This process is done in both vehicle sectors. Various test procedures have proved that the current surface finish procedure we use meets the optimal requirements for the daily usage of our vehicles.

Our strength lies in the quality has always been the basis of the products from Reisch. Step by step we have taken these values outside of Bavaria and convinced customers in many European countries of our technology. We would of course be more than delighted to also have you as a partner.

Since October 2019, REISCH is part of the Innsbruck-based KONSTANT group.
Press release (German): REISCH bleibt KONSTANT auf Kurs

Reisch Fahrzeugbau - Agrarfahrzeuge und Nutzfahrzeuge für die Landwirtschaft und Bauarbeiten