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Company History

Reisch Fahrzeugbau - Agrarfahrzeuge und Nutzfahrzeuge für die Landwirtschaft und Bauarbeiten1951: Business registration and start of production of manure spreaders, conveyor belts and agricultural trailers.

1961: Bought the closed down brickyard on the outskirts of Hollenbach and built the first production hall.

1965: A big fire destroyed a part of the big production hall.

1967: Production area of malt mills under license.

1970: Expansion of capacity.

1973: Daughter Marlies and son in law Richard Schoder join the management.

1973: Construction of the administration building.

1976: 25 Year anniversary of the company.

1977 - 1978: Expansion of production.

1984: The company founder Martin Reisch died at the age of 55 following a long and serious illness.

1989: Expansion of the business.

1991 - 1992: Building of the second production plant in Eliasbrunn/Thuringia.

2001: Representing the third generation, Markus Schoder entered the management. After the 50 year company anniversary in June, a 13.400 m2 area of the hall roof at the headquarters in Hollenbach was renewed, facade was insulated and covered.

2002: The hall built in 1962 was pulled down and this followed a new building 40 x 100 m with social rooms like canteen, kitchen, washing and changing room, offices 10 x 40 m as well as a 2.300 m2 covered area.

2006: Expansion of Eliasbrunn with halls of 48 x 108 m and 24 x 48 m.

2008: Purchase of further land in Hollenbach of over 65.000 m2 and building of a new production hall 48 x 114 m as well as parking area of around 20.000 m for vehicles. During this expansion, more than 100.000 tons of soil and filling material were moved.

2019: Handover to the Innsbruck-based KONSTANT group.

Reisch Fahrzeugbau - Agrarfahrzeuge und Nutzfahrzeuge für die Landwirtschaft und Bauarbeiten

PHOTO: 1965 - Big fire in the carpenter’s workshop